Berry Glitch Is Currently Hitting Pokemon GO Eevee Community Day

Pokemon GO is currently in the middle of Eevee’s Community Day, and unfortunately, a glitch is also hitting the game that forces players to restart the app over and over again.

Players have begun to notice this new bug when they are trying to feed a Pokemon with a Berry on the capture screen which results to freeze the game. The only solution found is by restarting the app which results to lose the opportunity to catch the Pokemon.

Pokemon GO players are dismayed about the situation and begun to voice out their displeasure on Reddit over the Berry glitch. Many are claiming that they lose a chance to catch a Shiny Eevee which is one of the reasons why most players are participating the Community Day.

Shiny Eevee Evolution

While the event is still on-going, Niantic has acknowledged the issue. Quoted from their official statement:

We are aware of an issue on Android version 0.111.4 and iOS version 1.81.4 that causes Pokémon GO to become unresponsive when encountering a Pokémon that you have previously fed a Berry to. We are currently working on a fix but in the meantime, you will need to restart the app to continue playing.

Apart from the Community Day, other events such as Special Research Tasks has also been affected. For the month of August, Pokemon GO Research tasks feature the Legendary Raikou as a reward.

Source @PokemonGOapp

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