Clash Royale Surpassed $2 Billion Revenue Since Its Release

If you think Clash Royale is dying, think again. According to a recent report, Supercell’s card and tower defense mobile game Clash Royale has just surpassed more than $2 billion revenue since it was released last 2016.

But that’s not all. Supercell has also become the first mobile game publisher who owns a multi-billion dollar game in the mobile gaming industry. Released last 2012, Supercell’s Clash Royale already got more than $6 billion revenue.

Since its release, Clash Royale’s revenue coming from the App Store and Google Play continue to grow. 30% of the revenue came from the US, followed by Germany, France, and China.

With the effort of the development team, Clash Royale has been doing a great deal to its fans. Recently, the game released a new update which includes two new cards and rebalancing the game’s meta.

Aside from Clash Royale who’s been doing a great job of the revenue, Niantic’s Pokemon GO is already close to hitting a $2 billion revenue this year. Clash Royale and Pokemon GO have been released in the same year, and it is considered that these two mobile games are the hottest game of 2016.


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