Crazy Justice – A New Battle Royale Game For Nintendo Switch

Tired of PUBG and Fornite? Check this.

With the recent announcement of Fornite coming to Nintendo Switch, there is also an indie developer who announced a new battle royale game for Nintendo Switch. Indie game developer Black Riddles Studios has announced their very own battle royale genre game Crazy Justice for Nintendo Switch.

While Crazy Justice is almost identical to Fortnite, Black Riddles Studios debunked this claims and said, “bringing a unique and alternative playstyle to the massively popular genre of Battle Royale.” Similar to the other battle royale game, Crazy Justice is offering a cross-play between Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One.

To celebrate the game reveal, the developer has also released the game trailer. Make sure to watch it below:

Crazy Just is coming to Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on June 13, 2018.


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