Dedicated Servers Used By Evolve Is Coming To Its End

Virtual currency, in-game store, servers and other game data will be gone in the next few months.

Released last 2015, the dedicated servers that are being used by Evolve is shutting down. After the announcement of Turtle Rock Studios and 2k Games last 2016 for the end of their support for the game, they finally revealed the details of the what the fan base can expect in the near future.

Evolve is one of the most anticipated game during the time of release which gathered a lot of pre-release hype, but it stumbled out of the stage and received a huge decrease of its player base due to the DLC controversy and game bugs. Although the game received a lot of content, the developer has made an announcement that they the support for the game will be halted. With this announcement, fans already know that the game is officially coming to its end.

According to the recent update from the official 2K support forums, they released the timeline of events for the game as it makes its final showdown in the gaming world. Starting on July 2, the company will be removing the virtual currency bundles of the game which includes the gold and silver keys. Followed by the shut down of the in-game store on September 3. And finally, the game will be removed from the official store on Steam, and later on, the servers will be shut down.

For game owners, Evolve will still be available beyond September 3, but it will be a peer-to-peer matchmaking. All unlocked content on players end will still be available in the Evolve Legacy version, but once the in-game store shuts down, no more items and characters will be unlocked. Aside from mentioned removals above, Ranked Hunt mode, in-game newsfeed, and other player data profiles will be shut down on September 3.

via 2k Support


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