Fortnite Battle Royale May Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

Are you going to play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch?

Rumors about the release of Fortnite for Nintendo Switch has been popping out from left to right. Although there is no solid evidence about the rumors before, now we have some new hints about the coming of Fortnite to Switch.

In a recent rating published by the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee, Fortnite is one of the games that has been listed. Rating boards is not an official listing, but they are considered as a legitimate source especially for new and unconfirmed upcoming games. While fans are excited to see Fortnite on Nintendo Switch, Epic Games seems to keep their mouth shut about the listing report.

Now earlier this week, data miners have discovered and revealed some important codes from Nintendo Switch. According to the data miner, the line of codes has been found from the Nintendo Switch eShop update. Along with this discovery, he also found a new Fortnite icon that could possibly be the icon for the Nintendo Switch version.

It is still not clear if the porting of Fortnite to Switch includes the Battle Royale. However, with the upcoming E3 2018 Conference on June 12, we may hear from the developer about this matter. As of this moment, what we can confirm is that Fortnite will be at E3 so there’s a chance that we could hear something from them, we may even see the gameplay of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch there.

Fortnite is now available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile (currently in beta test on iOS and later will be released on Android).


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