Grab Your Pan And Get Ready For Battle at Cuisine Royale

Not just an ordinary battle royale game.

Started as an April Fool’s joke, developer Darkflow Software has released their newest kitchen-themed battle royale game called Cuisine Royale.

Nope, we are not kidding. Cuisine Royale is the newest battle royale game in the market that has the almost identical look to Bluehole’s PUBG. The game’s name itself made me smile but believe it or not, the game the can make you competitive just like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite.

In the game, you can also equip your weapons and armors. But what’s interesting is that instead of clothing as an armor, the armor that you can use are the things that you kind find in the kitchen such as pan, pots and even the spaghetti drainer.

Maybe you are thinking that since we equip kitchen utilities as armor, you have to also use the kitchen tools as a weapon. No, you can equip a gun and rifle and even ride a vehicle normally in this game.

While the game was just released just a few days ago, it already got thousands of positive reviews on Steam. Right now, Cuisine Royale already got 7/10 star from a total of ‎2,509 reviews.

Cuisine Royale has a smaller map and as of this moment, it only allows a total of 30 players for a head-to-head battle. The game has its own version of loot boxes and according to the developer, it is the most honest system for loot boxes. This is because it’s free and its labeled with what’s the loot boxes contain.

As of writing, Cuisine Royale is free but according to Darkflow Software, it will become a paid game starting on June 25th. So in case you want to play this new game, make sure to grab it from here.

Check out the official trailer for the game below.


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