GreedFall – A 17th Century Colonial Invasion RPG Where Magic Exists

17th century meets magic.

The Technomancer developer Spiders has announced a new fantasy RPG game called Greedfall. It is a mercenary game that takes on an alternate 17th century during the European invasion where they ran into some magical and gigantic monsters.

In GreedFall, you will play as a mercenary and treasure hunter who travels with the colonists. As you progress to the game, you will be able to interact with NPC’s and make wise decisions that will affect the course of the war. According to the developer, trivial choices could also influence some big changes to the world itself.

GreedFall Story:

The Old World is dying. The continent is polluted, overpopulated, and plagued by a deadly, incurable disease. Its weary population grows desperate.

But there is a glimmer of hope on the horizon – an Island, remote and hidden, has been discovered. Teer Fradee… a land spared by the Malichor plague, a haven of life, wild and untampered by mankind. It is the promise of riches, but also represents the best hope for mankind to find a cure to the Malichor.

You are cruising with the Congregation of Merchants aboard a Nautes’ ship sailing to Teer Fradee. Your cousin, Constantin De Sardet, is set to become the governor of one of the Congregation’s newest colony, New Serene. When the ship finally moors to the dock of the port town, you will begin your exploration of the promised land, on an arduous quest to find a cure to the Malichor on one hand, and playing a risky, large-scale diplomatic game on the other, with both the nations and factions colonizing the island, and the mysterious natives who seems to be magically connected to their environment.

GreedFall will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and aim for its release in 2019.


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