How Does Transferring Pokemon Works In Pokemon GO and Pokemon Let’s Go

Transferring Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Let's Go is more fun than expected

Earlier this week, the Pokemon Company has revealed the official trailer for their new Pokemon game coming to Nintendo Switch. The new title Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee trailer shows the ability to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Let’s Go, but it doesn’t show how it works.

With the revealed features, many Pokemon GO fans are expected to rush into Nintendo Switch and play the game to explore how it works. While not enough details have been revealed about this feature, we still have some ideas how the transferring works, thanks to some interviews with the game developer.

During the previous interview with Eurogamer, Pokemon game director Junichi Masuda shared some details on how the Pokemon transferring works between the mobile game and the Switch version.

Right now you can send Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee – and they don’t go straight into your collection or your party, they enter into an area that’s kind of like a Safari park type thing where you can see the Pokemon moving around in there, and you can actually go there and interact with them and catch them. But there are also some incentives to move a lot of the same Pokemon from GO – the same species – and there are some sort of mini games you can play if you do that.

So instead of sending the Pokemon directly to your collection, it will be transferred to a park area, where you can encounter and catch them. Meaning, this Pokemon can only be added to your Pokedex once you have successfully recaptured them.

For many Pokemon GO fans, the highlight of the game that catches their attention is the special rewards. Ever since the game trailer has been released, there are lots of rumors and speculations that the special rewards include a brand new Pokemon that has never been seen in any Pokemon games and anime. While there is still no concrete evidence about this theory, here’s the official trailer of Pokemon Let’s Go.


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