How To Report A Pokemon GO Spoofer or Cheater To Niantic?

One of the worst problems that Niantic has been facing since the release of Pokemon GO is the game cheaters. Apart from the common game bugs and glitches, Niantic has been continuously releasing new security updates to fight cheaters.

However, these security measures are not enough to get rid of these cheaters and spoofers. So they launched the new three-strike policy to encourage spoofers to stop cheating and play legit.

Aside from the new three-strike policy, Niantic also launched the official report form for the community to report suspected cheaters in Pokemon GO. While this report form has been out for a while now, some of the Pokemon GO fans are still unaware of it.

So in case you find someone cheating the game, feel free to use this official report form and report these spoofers and botters to Niantic.

Before submitting a report to Niantic, make sure that you have a valid proof of the player that you are reporting such as screenshots from multiple players and also some numbers of reports from other players. In addition, please refer to the Pokemon GO Terms of Service and Pokémon GO Trainer Guidelines.

While some of the third-party apps are actually useful, this kind of apps are still against the rules of Niantic. So we strongly encourage all Pokemon GO players to report any violators and cheaters who are taking advantage of the game.


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