It’s Your Last Chance To Catch Registeel In Pokemon GO

If you’re still one of the Pokemon GO players who doesn’t have Registeel, now is the chance to catch it as it will be gone in the next few days.

As previously announced, Registeel will move out from Pokemon GO on Thursday, August 16th. The return of this Legendary Pokemon is still unknown, so make sure to catch it before it leaves.

Registeel is one of the three Legendary titans from Hoenn region. It was first released on Game Boy Advance in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire along with Regice which was also released a month ago.

Similar to Regice, you can catch Registeel by participating and teaming up with other Pokemon GO players and beat him on Raid Battles. After your team successfully defeated the Registeel boss, you will be given a chance to catch it.

Regice, Registeel, and Regirock

Just like what happened before, once Registeel was gone, the third and final Legendary Pokemon that will be coming is Regirock. As of writing, there’s no announcement for the official release date of Regirock, but surely, it will be out soon.


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