Legendary Ho-Oh and Its Shiny Form Returns To Pokemon GO For A Very Limited Time

August is surely one of the best months for Pokemon GO fans. When everyone thinks that Niantic is already done with the series of surprises, Pokemon GO just announced the return of the Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh!

According to Pokemon GO’s announcement, the Legendary Ho-Oh is returning to the game starting August 24 until August 27. In addition to the release, Pokemon GO has also confirmed that the shiny Ho-Oh will also be available during the time period.

Normal Ho-Oh (Left) Shiny Ho-Oh (Right)

Ho-Oh is one of the legendary Pokemon that has been released last year and it was also consistent on appearing in many Raid Boss events. As usual, Ho-Oh will be available in Raid Battles so make sure to use the best counter for it such as Tyranitar, Golem, and the recently released Rock-type Legendary Pokemon Regirock.

Ho-Oh isn’t the only Legendary Pokemon from the Johto region to make their comeback. On September, Pokemon GO will be releasing another set of Field Research Task which is related to Fire-type Pokemon. If players managed to complete the given Research tasks, they will be rewarded for another chance to encounter Entei.

As mentioned earlier, Legendary Regirock will be available until September 20th and it will be followed by the month’s Community Day where Chikorita and its shiny Forms equipped with an exclusive move will be appearing frequently in the wild.


Source Twitter.com

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