Monster Hunter: World PC Version Loading Time Is Faster Than You Think

On August 9th Monster Hunter: World will finally come to PC. While most of the PC fans are excited to play Capcom’s top hit action adventure game, some are curious of the game’s performance on PC.

One of the advantages of PC from consoles such as PS4 is that it can be customized to enhance its overall performance which will affect most of the game. Of course, same as the other games who have a PC and console version, Monster Hunter: World also comes with some game differentials.

Aside from the total FPS of the game, a strong PC rig will also affect the loading time of most of the games. For the Monster Hunter: World PC version, YouTuber FluffyQuack has shared some loading time difference between the PC and PS4 version.

Monster Hunter: World PC Version Loads Faster

A PC who are running an SSD will only take 6 seconds to reach the Monster Hunter: World’s title screen to the central hub. While with an HDD, it will have a loading time of 12.5 seconds. The loading time between SSD and HDD is notable, but compared to the loading time of the PS4 version, it will totally blow the loading time.

For the gameplay, from the central hub to Ancient Forest will only take 7 seconds on SSD. While on HDD, loading time will be approximately 15.5 seconds. Now let’s take a look for the PS4 version. Yes, you guess it right. It is again slower that it takes more than 1 minute to load the area.

Monster Hunter: World PC Requirements

Of course, if you want to take use the game’s full capacity, your PC should be equipped with high components. As for the system requirements, Capcom has already revealed the recommended and minimum system requirements to run the game smoothly. Make sure to visit this link to check if your PC can run the game without any problem.



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