Monster Hunter World PC Version Release Date Will Be Announced On July 9th

Finally, Capcom has set a date for the official announcement about the release of the PC version of the top hit action role-playing game Monster Hunter World.

Just a few moments ago, Monster Hunter World official social media account has announced that the PC release of the game will be announced on Monday, July 9th. Along with the release announcement, they will also include the minimum specs for Monster Hunter World PC version

Monster Hunter World has been initially released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last January 2018. For some reasons, Capcom has decided to delay the release of the PC version.

This will be the first time that Capcom is bringing the Monster Hunter franchise to PC hoping to boost and expand its player base. Monster Hunter is one of the best game franchise of Capcom and obviously, the release of Monster Hunter World on PC will surely drive more users to playing the game.


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