Mysterious Person Wearing A Green Jacket In Resident Evil 4 Is Still Unknown

Who the hell is this?

With the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake next year, let’s have a look back at the mysterious person wearing a green jacket in Resident Evil 4. The figure was just discovered last year, and ever since, we still have no idea who this person really is.

The green-jacket figure was discovered last January 2017 by YouTuber SR212787 on Chapter 5-4 after the death of Mike. In the video, you’ll see that he zoomed the image using a rifle scope and clearly it shows like a person wearing a green jacket. But who the hell is it?

Unfortunately, this person’s identity is still unknown. Even the developer, Capcom, did not reveal who and what is this guy doing on that location. The theory is that it is one of the game’s developers or someone related to the developing team.

Although this is not a big deal and does not affect the game, but this discovery still bothers many Resident Evil fans. Is this some kind of Easter Hunt event on RE4?


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