Mythical Pokémon Celebi Is Coming To Pokemon GO Next Week

The long wait is over! Niantic has finally announced that the Mythical Pokemon Celebi is coming to Pokemon GO next week.

While the Celebi is already available to some Pokemon GO players who attended the Pokemon GO Fest 2018, the majority of the world still don’t have it. So, on August 20, players who weren’t able to attend the GO Fest 2018 will have their chance to catch Celebi when Niantic releases the special Research Task next week.

While there is still no details about the Research Task, Niantic planning to release a more challenging task as they mentioned that they need to test the skills of many players. It sounds like they will be giving unique tasks compared to the previously released task.

There is one pre-requisite requirement if a player wants to participate in the research task. They have to have finished the third set of challenges to collect Mew which was obtained exclusively from the Research challenges.


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