New Pokemon GO Data Mine Shows A Massive Addition Of Shiny Gen 1, 2, and 3 Pokemon

Don’t get too hype, but there are a new Pokemon GO leaks showing the addition of more Shiny Pokemon from Generation 1, 2 and some Generation 3 Pokemon.

As usual, it was discovered by the popular Pokemon GO data miner Chrales. According to him, there’s a massive list of new shiny Pokemon that have been found from the Pokemon GO network traffic.

In his recent stream on Twitch, he shows multiple new shiny Pokemon from the network traffic including Shiny Corsola, Shiny Snorlax, Shiny Mr. Mime, and more. While most of the new data found are from Generation 1 and 2 Pokemon, Chrales has also found some Generation 3 shiny Pokemon including Kecleon and Gorebyss.

While this discovery of more shiny Pokemon is good, please be reminded that these shinies are not yet available in Pokemon GO. Similar to the previous shiny release, all these new shiny Pokemon will surely take time.

Apart from this leak, Chrales has also recently discovered new code that has been added in Pokemon GO hinting the coming of the Generation 4 Pokemon.


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