Phantom Doctrine Is Coming To PS4 and Xbox One This Summer

The Cabal is coming to consoles.

Just in time before E3 2018, CreativeForge and Good Shepherd Entertainment have revealed that their PC game Phantom Doctrine will be heading to PS4 and Xbox One this summer.

Phantom Doctrine is a tactical turn-based game is set in an alternate history version of the cold war where you have to lead a secret organization called The Cabal to fight against a global conspiracy.

There different options that you can take on each mission, you can either go with the stealthy way or fight them in all harsh way using your guns. Players will have to work to build a stable base of operations, train agents, research new facilities, brainwash the opponent and more.

The newly revealed story trailers introduce The Cabal go through the infiltration in order to take down the enemies.

Phantom Doctrine for PS4 and Xbox One is expected to release this summer. Although there is still no exact date for the official release, expect to see it coming to your consoles anytime soon.


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