Pokemon GO Added Six New Shiny Johto Pokemon To The Game

In celebration of the limited-time event for the Johto Festival, Niantic has added six new shiny Pokemon from the Johto region. Durng the limited-time event, spawn rate for all Pokemon that were originally discovered from the Johto region has been increased where you can get a chance to encounter and catch six new Shiny Generation 2 Pokemon.

According to the recent announcement, Niantic has confirmed that there are several shiny Pokemon during the event which includes Natu, Sunkern, Pineco, and the evolution of Xatu, Sunflora, and Forretress.

The Johto Festival Event also includes a new Pokemon GO Special Research where players need to complete in exchange of getting a chance to catch the Legendary Celebi. In addition to the featured shiny Pokemon release, there’s also a new Johto-inspired avatar items that can be found in the store.

The Johto Festival also includes a new Special Research quest to Pokemon Go that allows players to catch the legendary Celebi. New Johto-inspired avatar items have also been added.

Source Twitter.com

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