Pokemon GO Data Miner Finds A New Generation 4 Release Hint

Just right after the Legendary Pokemon Registeel left the game, the well-known Pokemon GO data miner Chrales has found a new line of codes in the game’s app data hinting the release of the new Generation 4 Pokemon.

The new line of code was found from Pokemon GO’s network traffic which points out the addition of new Sinnoh badges. Region badges are usually used to help players track their in-game progress for catching all the Pokemon from a certain region.

With the discovery of the new code, it seems like we are getting close to see a new set of Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO. As we all know, Niantic has previously shared a photo on their social media accounts showing some of the Generation 4 Pokemon interacting with the other released Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Generation 4 Pokemon

When the developer uploaded the photo showing the Generation 4 starters, rumors about their release date has started. One of the most popular theory is that the Generation 4 Pokemon could be the Ultra Reward for completing the Pokemon GO Summer Tour 2018.

While there is still no official announcement from Niantic about the release of the Generation 4 Pokemon, it is safe enough to say that they are coming really soon. With the series of hints that have been happening these past few months, it’s not surprising if one day we will be seeing some Generation 4 Pokemon in the wild.


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