Pokemon GO Field Research Tasks Will Feature Raikou As A Reward

Niantic has announced that the legendary Pokemon Raikou is coming back to Pokemon GO as a special reward for completing the research task next month.

For the month of August, Pokemon GO players will have a chance to re-encounter the Legendary Pokemon Raikou every time they receive seven Field Research stamps. This legendary Pokemon is considered as one of the strongest Pokemon in the current meta of Pokemon GO, so adding Raikou in the line-up is the best option.


While some players already have this Legendary, the return of Raikou is a great news for rural players who were unable to capture Raikou before. August’s field research tasks will be available starting on August 1, and as usual, the research will also begin once the tasks have been released.

Unlike the other Legendary Pokemon, Raikou is much easier to beat. Most of the players are using an army of Cubones to take down a single Raikou.


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