PUBG Mobile Surpassed Over 100 Million Downloads

Four months after its official release, Tencent and PUBG. Corp has announced that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile has surpassed more than 100 million downloads.

PUBG is considered to be the starting point of battle royale games that totally become a smash hit in the gaming industry. Apart from their console and PC version, Tencent has ported the game to the smartphones and as expected, fans loved the game.

Apart from the total download that the game achieved, the developer also revealed that they already hit more than 14 million active users daily.

In a recent interview with Vincent Wang, PUBG Mobile’s global publishing team General Manager, he promised that they will continue delivering more updates for the game. Talking about updates, the game has just recently received an update called War Mode and Clan System.

With the upcoming ber-months, fans are expecting see more events and features being added to the game.


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