Smeargle, Jirachi, and Other Missing Pokemon Found In The Recent Pokemon GO Data Mine

Niantic has been slowly adding new Pokemon from the new generation in Pokemon GO. Seeing these new Pokemon are exciting, but fans still need to complete their Pokedex of the previously released generations such as Generation 2 and 3.

While we still don’t have any idea when these missing Pokemon will show up, Pokemon GO data miner Chrales has discovered new addition of Pokemon in the game’s data. The newly found Pokemon data are Smeargle. Ninjask, Nincada, Shedinja, Clamperl, Huntail, Deoxys, and Jirachi who are all missing in the game.

This discovery doesn’t mean that players will be seeing these Pokemon in the wild, however, this could mean that Niantic is already preparing to release these bunch of Pokemon anytime soon. In addition to this, Chrales has also found the shiny forms of the previously announced Pokemon Celebi.

As for Celebi, it has also been found that it will be appearing during the upcoming Pokemon GO Fest 2018 in Chicago, Illinois on July 14 to 15. Niantic has yet to announce the appearance of Celebi since it is one of the expected rewards for completing the global challenges.


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