Surprise! Niantic Just Added New Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Apart from the return of the Legendary Raikou, Niantic has added new Pokemon from the Hoenn region.

In a surprise release today, Pokemon GO players will be able to start encountering Spinda, a normal-type Pokemon from the Generation 3 list. Unlike the other Pokemon where players can capture it without any twist, Spinda comes with some catch feature.

Pokemon GO Spinda

To capture Spinda, players need to complete the Hit 3 Curveballs in a Row Research task which can be obtained by spinning a PokeStop. As of writing, it seems like it is the only way to capture Spinda.

Similar to the other missing Pokemon from Generation 2 and 3, all of them have some interesting requirements to catch them. One of the best examples is Ditto which came out last year. As for the missing Pokemon like Smeargle, there is still no information about their release date. However, their sprites have already been discovered from the previous Pokemon GO data mine.


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