The Walking Dead: Our World – Beginner’s Cards Guide

The Walking Dead: Our World is the newest AR mobile game similar to Niantic’s Pokemon GO where players are allowed to rescue survivors, build settlements, and earn rewards. Unlike Pokemon GO, The Walking Dead: Our World is a card-based item system. Yep, that will probably remind you of the popular Clash Royale.

In this game, players will also encounter and get a lot and different type of cards, each has its own rarity and level. To help you survive this game, we have made this The Walking Dead: Our World Beginner’s Card Guide.

The Walking Dead: Our World Cards

All items that you get in the game will be via an in-game card. As mentioned, each card has its own rarity that can be leveled up in time. These are:

  • Common
  • Rare – Indicated by a blue glow
  • Epic – Indicated by a purple glow
  • Legendary – Indicated by a golden glow

In order to get these cards, you will have to complete different type of missions. Completing each mission will reward you a few different types of cards which can be a Weapon, Perks, or a Hero cards. One example of these cards is the Rick Grimes hero card which is categorized as a Legendary hero card.

The Walking Dead: Our World – Card Drop Rates

Of course, each card has its own drop rarity. The higher its rank, the rarer the card is. If you want to get a certain type of card, you have to build a specific type of building. For example, the Armory building will reward you a weapon cards for saving some survivors.

How To Get Legendary Cards In The Walking Dead: Our World

Obviously, the Legendary cards are the best cards available in the game. However, its drop rate is very low compared to the other cards, but there’s a way to get a Legendary Cards in The Walking Dead: Our World.

In order to get a Legendary card, you have to join a group in the game. Once you’re in, you have to complete the daily and weekly challenges. As reported, the weekly challenges will reward players a Legendary Cards if completed.

Upgrading Cards In The Walking Dead: Our World

As mentioned above, players have the option to upgrade each card. To upgrade the cards, you have to use the same card type. You will be getting a notification and an option to upgrade a certain card once you have collected enough cards.

So far, the Weapon cards are considered to be the most worth it to spend your coins for the upgrades. These cards will also help you complete the missions easier, faster, and more coins.


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