The Walking Dead: Our World Developer Are Now Targeting Spoofers

The Walking Dead: Our World is one of the hottest AR game right now. Similar to Niantic’s Pokemon GO, The Walking Dead: Our World is also being abused by some players by spoofing their location.

Spoofing is one of the biggest problems in the game and fortunately, Next Games has rolled out a server-side update that targets the spoofers and other cheaters in the game.

In a recent report, they already banned thousand of spoofers since last week, and they are still doing their best to track down the remaining spoofers.

Some of the third-party apps that are reportedly being tracked right now by the developer are iSpoofer, Fake GPS, Joystick App, and other not mentioned GPS spoofing apps. 80% of the accounts that were banned for cheating the game are Android users while the remaining 20% are iOS users.


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