Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 Confirmed

Obviously, Tokyo Ghoul:re is coming to an end but most of the fans wanted the current series to continue, however, it needs to end as scheduled. But fortunately, Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 has been confirmed.

Thanks to the latest issue of Shueisha’s Young Jump that confirms the development of the second season. This confirmation has also been supported by previous reports that Tokyo Ghoul:re was supposed to have a total of 24 episodes split into two cours.

In the anime world, cours refer to the seasonal batch of episodes that usually consists of 12 or 13 episodes where the arc story will progress.

So the first half of Tokyo Ghoul:re is expected to split on episode 12, and the remaining episodes will be released on the second season. Although there is still no official announcement for the release of season 2, rumors is that the premier will begin in October this year.


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