Yahoo! Messenger Is Shutting Down Its Service On July 17th

ASL please!

Released in 1998, the historic Yahoo! Messenger is officially shutting down next month. Once one of the hottest messaging service for almost 20 years, Yahoo Messenger’s popularity declined dramatically in the recent years.

Yahoo says that they will be shutting down the service on July 17th. However, current users will be redirected to a new group messaging app called Squirrel. The new app is still in beta and it’s still unclear if it will be available in the public after Yahoo! Messenger shuts down.

The company has made this announcement to inform the public if they want to download their chat history from the Y! Messenger. Users are given a 6-month period to download and get a copy of their chat history.

The news about the Yahoo! Messenger’s shutdown came out following the shutdown of AIM last December 2017. Can you still remember the first person that you talked to using the Yahoo Messenger? Let us know in the comments below.


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